Next Stage is an international producer and distributor of contents established in Madrid, Spain.

Through Next Stage we look forward to creating contents that will not only entertain but also communicate a clear and powerful positive message. A message based mainly on essential values: respect (of different cultures, background and ethnicity) in Mopupo & the Tree House Club, independent thinking in Golf Squad and friendship and honesty in 13.

Next Stage seeks to be different, to generate and share emotions in a video game, a book collection, an animated series or a film. Next Stage is innovative, familiar and friendly. Next Stage offers an above market quality, it really moves on to the next level when it comes to product and service.

Our Objectives:

  • 1. To produce contents for the following media: television, cinema, editorial and videogames
  • 2. To distribute these contents at a national and international level


Next Stage was created by Beatriz Manchado and Franco Soldi. Beatriz Manchado is highly experienced in the development of online contents in the U.S. and Spain. Franco Soldi has focused his career in organizational and personal change management, communication and creativity. Franco has over 15 years of experience in strategic consultancy, training and human resources which includes mass media and advertising in Europe, Latin America and the U.S. Also, as part of our team, we have the "magic" of Jose Luis Ramos as artistic director, who is responsible to bring to life our concepts & ideas.

You still don't know us? We welcome you to do so!